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Make Your Time Count

We live in a society where it seems as though the busier we are the better. Running from work, to school, to kid’s practices or games, squeezing in a meal or two and wrapping up the day by settling down on the couch and turning to our smart phones, tablets, or e-books. We have become so busy we have forgotten stop and make connections. Connecting with our co-workers, patients, and family. We don’t mean to, it just happens. We try to efficiently care for our patients quickly, and shuffle kids to and from one event to the other without missing a step.

If we continue this pace we risk dropping a ball, or missing a special moment to connect or we let life pass us by as we are running with our blinders on. Because of our need to fill our calendars it’s more and more important to create a work-life balance.

You shouldn’t measure your value by how much you have been able to squeeze into one day. Rushing through your day at work could not only hurt your patient engagement, but it could actually be a liability. Rushing causes errors. Your patients appreciate timeliness and keeping on schedule, but they also appreciate a sense of compassion and thoughtfulness. Not taking the time to really listen to your patients could be off-putting and make them feel as though their care isn’t your number one priority.

Parents hustling their kids from one stop to the next are we taking time to learn about their day. Celebrating accomplishments or focusing on overcoming a challenging situation. Make sure you are making the most of your time with your children. There will be a day when they are off to college and no longer sitting across from you. Instead of opening up your laptop or tablet and checking your social media and letting your kids ignore you for their smart phone, texting their friends, unplug. Put away your technology and take time to reconnect with your family. Be fully present.

When planning your schedule prioritize. Don’t overwhelm your workday – easier said than done, but when scheduling your patients or planning your home visits, make sure you are factoring in schedule changes. Preparing for the unexpected will help you keep your day on track.

The same can be said for your personal life. Don’t overwhelm your day. Make a checklist of things that have to be checked off and others that can be bumped to another day if needed. Make sure you are including some downtime to recharge. You aren’t going to be able to keep up your pace if you are worn down. You won’t be able to care for your patients as you’d like or be there for your family if you are burned out, sick or rundown.

If you make an effort to create a strong work-life balance you won’t need to compromise. You can still live your life as you’d like, but do it in a way where you are giving the best parts of yourself and getting the best from those you are making connections with. We found this quote from an article we recently read, “Share peace and happiness. Give love. Give yourself. For those are the things that live on and make a difference, beyond your time, beyond your life.” ~Patti Hatzistavrakis “Experience the Beauty of Life and of You”