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The Top Four things Employers Look for When Hiring

You just graduated from college, finished vocational school or passed a certification and now the job hunt begins. Looking at job descriptions may have you feeling down because you aren’t sure if you are even qualified enough to apply, but don’t worry you are capable of taking the next step. You may have the same educational background as other applicants, but you may not have the same work experience which could set you apart when it’s time for employers to decide on an applicant. There is also something that could really set you apart when it comes down to the interview, and that is your character and personality.

Employers are looking for a few personal qualities during your interview:

Your Love of the Industry/Company. You made it through and now have been called in for an interview, great! Now, it is your time to shine. Don’t be scared to be yourself and let your heart shine through your smile as you talk about your educational experience and your love for what you do. Whoever is interviewing you from the company is going to be watching very closely to see if you really want the job compared to the other applicants. So, don’t be scared to let your excitement shine through your nerves, smile!

Confidence. You may not have complete confidence in yourself that you are the best person for the job because of the intimidating job description, but don’t be afraid to highlight your strong qualities. We all have qualities that make us special and help us stand out from the crowd and that is what you need to be confident in when you go in for you interview. Show your future boss what positive qualities you can bring to the company and to the team.

Teamwork. By now you have heard it all your life how important it is you know how to work and play well with others. Potential employers will often ask you to give an example of a time you had to work with others to solve a problem, so be prepared. Teamwork is very important for a business to run smoothly, so don’t forget you are all working for the same goal.

Willingness to Learn. You may be fresh out of school or maybe you have been in the work force for 10 years but that doesn’t mean you have stopped learning. Companies are always looking for new ways to do business and delight their customer, so be willing to take their advice on what works. Always be willing to learn and listen to your peers and you will surely please your employer.

Now that you know what employers look for when hiring, you are ready to ace your interview. Good luck!

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