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Five Tips to Boost Employee Morale in Nursing Homes

Tips to Increase Employee Morale in Nursing Homes Working in a nursing home can be tremendously taxing for employees, both physically and emotionally. Hours are long, patients can be challenging, and, unfortunately, chronic illness and death are common aspects of day-to-day work. That’s why it’s so important to keep up employee morale. Creating a supportive, compassionate workplace goes a long way towards keeping workers happy, healthy, and fulfilled, which leads to better outcomes for both staff and patients. Keep reading for tips on how to boost employee morale.

1. Schedule shifts fairly.

Make sure you have enough staff on each shift, so nobody is overworked. Also, try and take into account employee preferences. Working parents, for example, may prefer night shifts so they can stay home with kids during the day.

2. Get to know your employees.

The more familiar you are with your staff, the easier communication will be. Make sure they know they can go to you with work-related questions or concerns. They’ll feel more supported, and you’ll be able to better manage any issues that pop up.

3. Offer free training.

This is a great way to both improve workflow and show employees you’re invested in their career advancement. Your staff will be armed with the knowledge they need to excel at work, and grateful to you for helping boost their credentials.

4. Plan fun activities.

Regularly scheduled team bonding gives your staff time to get to know each other outside of the workplace. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy – a monthly potluck or bowling night will do. Anything that lets employees have fun and build camaraderie off the clock.

5. Recognize employees’ achievements.

Take every opportunity to honor your staff’s hard work. Whether they’ve earned a new certification, gotten promoted, or you’ve simply noticed that they’ve been doing an exceptional job, let them know. Send out a company email announcing their accomplishment, give them a shout-out during a staff meeting, or just pull them aside to thank them. Your recognition matters.

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