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How to Improve Emotional Engagement in Healthcare Employees

Your employees are the backbone of your business – and their job satisfaction has the power to make or break your company. Happy, fulfilled staff can turn a mediocre healthcare facility into an exceptional one. When employees feel supported, they’re more attentive with their patients, more collaborative with their coworkers, and more determined to go the extra mile to keep everything running smoothly. This creates a better working environment for everyone, improves patient experience, and decreases turnover rate.

It’s your job to provide your staff with the encouragement and resources they need to thrive. Their emotional engagement – in other words, how committed they are to their job – depends a great deal on your support. With this in mind, keep reading for tips on how to maximize your staff’s engagement.

Have clear expectations.

The better your employees understand what you need from them, the easier they’ll be able to fulfill those expectations. Help them set concrete goals that they can work towards, both in the short and long term.

Give feedback and recognition.

Whether employees are performing amazingly or poorly, your feedback matters. Take every opportunity to praise their accomplishments, and, likewise, make sure you’re immediately addressing any performance issues that pop up.

Provide opportunities for growth.

Show your staff that you’re invested in their professional advancement. Arrange training and seminars to help them upgrade their workplace skills and boost their credentials.

Make time for team bonding.

When employees have stronger relationships with their coworkers, they look forward to coming into work, performing better, and are more comfortable reaching out for help when they need it. To help your staff feel more connected, schedule team-building activities on a regular basis.

Commit to fair compensation.

If your staff doesn’t feel they’re being paid well, there will be little you can do to keep them on board. Make sure you’re able to provide them with at least the average salary for their field, if not more. Yearly raises – and raises with every promotion – are also a must.

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