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Five Onboarding Tips to Improve Employee Retention

In the healthcare industry, staff turnover rates are notoriously high. There are several reasons for this, including widespread burnout, low employee engagement, and, most recently, the COVID pandemic. Workers that don’t get enough support from their employers can quickly become tired and overwhelmed. They may end up tempted to switch specialties – or quit the medical field altogether.

As an employer, there’s plenty you can do to prevent this from happening, and it all starts with onboarding. Getting off on the right foot is an important step towards building a happy, hardworking staff. Keep reading for tips to perfect your onboarding process, so you can be sure you’re setting new workers up for success.

1. Give a tour.

Help employees get the lay of the land on their first day with a tour of the facilities. Show them the important stuff – the nearest bathroom, the breakroom, and where to grab a cup of coffee or a quick break time nap. They’ll immediately feel more at home once they know where to find everything.

2. Let staff know about new hires.

Send an email to your coworkers announcing the upcoming first days for any new hires. That way, staff will know to keep an eye out for new faces and set aside some time to introduce themselves. You should also make some introductions yourself. Make sure new workers meet their supervisor, team, and anyone else they’ll be working with closely on their first day.

3. Provide a mentor.

Assign a work buddy for your new employee to shadow. This will help them feel more socially comfortable and ensure they’re getting proper training. Their mentor will also benefit since teaching is one of the most effective ways to sharpen one’s skills.

4. Keep paperwork to a minimum.

Try not to overwhelm new workers with buckets of paperwork on their first day. Complete everything you can prior to their arrival so they don’t have to spend hours sifting through documents.

5. Make plans to check-in. 

Onboarding doesn’t end after the first day, or even after the first few months. You should be checking in with new hires regularly for as long as it takes to make sure they’re settled in and up to speed. Take the time to schedule regular catch-ups to address any questions or concerns they may have. With your consistent support, they’ll be able to adjust to their new job (and start excelling at it) far more quickly.

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