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Safety Focus: Home Health Aides

home health aide safety

Many patients prefer to receive care from the comfort of their home, and home health aides are the perfect solution. They visit patients at home to help with daily tasks like cleaning, medication, meals, bathing, and ambulation. It’s a great position for someone who enjoys caring for others, and the need for aides in the workforce is only growing.

However, being a home health aide has its challenges. Patients’ homes can be unpredictable, so aides need to be on the lookout for questionable behavior and safety hazards. Many aides work alone, too, so don’t have immediate help in an emergency. Considering these risks, it’s important that workers know how to protect themselves on the job. There are certain red flags they should be alert to, as well as plenty of preventive steps they can take to stay safe. If you work as a home health aide, keep reading for safety tips for visiting patients in their homes:

Watch your step.

Pay attention to your footing when walking up to the patient’s home. Cracks in their driveway or slippery steps could trip you up before you even get inside. Once indoors, keep your shoes on. This will help you avoid stepping on any sharp objects or trash.

Be wary of animals.

Never assume that a patient’s pet is friendly. As a stranger, you run a far higher risk of being bitten or snapped at if you’re too friendly with a household animal. Make sure to ask your patient’s permission before touching their pet.

Know your physical limits.

Don’t overexert yourself when performing demanding physical tasks. Working alone means you won’t have coworker support to help with things like lifting and ambulating your patient, so be extra cautious with strenuous labor.

Trust your gut.

If something feels off about a patient or their home, trust your instincts and either leave or phone for help. You should keep your phone on you at all times in case of emergency, and your supervisor should always know where you are.

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