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How to Optimize Healthcare Job Posts for Google

If you’re looking to fill a position, the first step is creating a job post that will reach the right candidates – which all starts with search engine optimization (SEO). When you use SEO, you post content in a way that makes it easy to find online. A well optimized post will both increase views and drive high quality traffic to your page. Meaning, it’ll reach more of the right people – in your case, applicants looking to fill your job opening.

If you’re not familiar with SEO, don’t worry. You don’t have to be a marketing wiz to understand it. In fact, all you need is a firm grasp of the basics to create a top-ranking post. Below, check out some easy tips for using SEO to draw more applicants.


Keywords are the terms and descriptions that a person types into Google when they’re searching for something. Therefore, it’s important that your post includes the same keywords your applicants are using to look for jobs. Resist the urge to “stuff” your post with too many keywords, though. Search engines can pick up on this trick and will lower your post’s ranking if you overdo it. Some keywords you should include in every job post:

– Job title, including any acronyms or synonyms that refer to it.  

– The job’s location, plus other highly-searched areas nearby.  

– Any qualifications, duties, and required certifications.


Not surprisingly, many job seekers use salary to filter search results when sifting through job listings. What’s more, search engines can identify this field, so including a salary (or a salary range) will help your post get ranked higher and increase visibility for the right candidates.


We already mentioned the importance of including location when discussing keywords above, but it’s a good idea to go a step further when describing the company’s location. Instead of just listing the city or general area, you should also include the physical address. Job-seekers want to know exactly where the job is located, which is why click-through rates for postings with addresses are higher.

Company Information 

It’s always a good idea to include a brief description of your company on job listings, but don’t go overboard. These details won’t drive traffic to your post, because applicants won’t be including them in their search. However, if you’d like to provide candidates with more background about your company, it can be valuable to include a video with this info. Search engines rank posts with videos higher than those with just text.

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