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12 Questions to Ask During a Stay Interview

The Great Resignation of 2021 has many companies ramping up their retention tactics. One approach that’s gaining traction is the stay interview. During a stay interview, a current employee is interviewed about their work experience. Stay interviews can provide valuable insight into what is (and isn’t) working for employees.

What is a stay interview?

In many ways, a stay interview is the opposite of an exit interview: rather than asking why an employee is quitting, it looks at what motivates the employee to stay, how their experience could improve, and what their future looks like at the company. Most importantly, a stay interview gives employers the opportunity to identify pain points before an employee leaves. Ideally, employers can use this feedback to improve working conditions – not just for the individual interviewee, but for the rest of their staff, too.

The most crucial benefit of a stay interview is that it allows companies to detect pain problems before an employee leaves. In order for employees to feel comfortable enough to be candid with their manager, trust will need to be built. Before conducting the interviews, companies can send out a survey to make sure employees are interested in participating. For more tips on improving employee retention, check out our post on How to Reduce Turnover in Your Healthcare Facility. 

Here are 12 smart questions to ask during a stay interview:

  1. What would make you start looking for a new job? 
  2. What do you think is the top reason others choose to leave our company?  
  3. Do you think you get enough feedback about your work?  
  4. Would you prefer more flexibility at work? What would that look like?  
  5. Do you think company culture has changed since you joined?  
  6. What do you enjoy the most about your day-to-day? How about the least?  
  7. What motivates (and demotivates) you at work?  
  8. If you could change one aspect of your job, what would it be? 
  9. Do you feel supported in your long-term career goals?  
  10. Is there anything you’d change about your work or your responsibilities? 
  11. What would you say our top priorities are as a company?  
  12. Is there anything else you’d like to discuss? 

What to do after the stay interview

Some items revealed during the stay interview process will be actionable right away. For example, if employees are looking for more flexibility, management can work with them to see if different schedules can be arranged. If employees are looking to take grow their role, management can assist with upcoming training and additional daily responsibilities. Some concerns may need other departments (like HR) in order to resolve them. The important thing is, your employees are seeing their concerns are being addressed. It is critical to keep them updated on any progress or hurdles to a solution.

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