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What Today’s Clinicians Want For The Future

what clinicians want for the future

A comprehensive new study is shedding light on what today’s healthcare providers think of their profession – and the changes they want for future generations of clinicians. The Clinician of the Future report, conducted by Elsevier, reveals that, in the wake of COVID-19, doctors and nurses are experiencing unprecedented levels of burnout and fatigue.

They’re also feeling more undervalued and unsupported than ever. Of the 3,000 clinicians interviewed, 71% of doctors and 68% of nurses believe their jobs have changed considerably in the past 10 years – with many reporting their jobs have gotten worse. One in three clinicians are planning on leaving their current role by 2024, with a substantial portion of this group considering leaving healthcare entirely.

Here are three changes clinicians hope to see for the future:

1. Technology trainings.

In the next decade, respondents predict that technological literacy will become their most valuable workplace asset – even more so than clinical knowledge. In fact, 56% of clinicians anticipate that they’ll use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to make most of their clinical decisions. On a less positive note, 69% say they’re overwhelmed with the current volume of data and predict that digital tools will become more challenging to use. With that in mind, 83% think they need better training to stay on track.

2. More focus on patient relationships.

Clinicians think virtual health will become more popular: 63% say most consultations will be remote and 49% guess most healthcare will be provided in a patient’s home. Even though they expect telehealth will save them time and enable them to treat more patients, more than half of clinicians think it’ll affect their ability to connect with patients. Clinicians hope for guidance on telehealth best practices that allow them to maintain close relationships with patients.

3. An expanded workforce.

Clinicians worry about a global healthcare workforce shortage, with 74% anticipating a nurse shortage and 68% predicting a doctor shortage in the next 10 years. Most agree that we need to prioritize recruiting more healthcare workers in the coming decade. They also hope that healthcare teams will take a more multidisciplinary approach to include non-clinical workers like data analysts, data security experts, and scientists.

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