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6 Team Activities to Build Employee Morale

team building

These days, retaining employees is becoming more and more challenging. Engagement rates among workers in the U.S. have dropped for the first time in a decade, with many reporting unprecedented rates of burnout. Employers need to start creating new ways to keep staff fulfilled and engaged. If your fallback team building activities are starting to feel stale, it may be time for a refresh.

Here are 6 fun team building ideas to keep your staff connected:

1. Start a trivia night.  

This is a great way to build camaraderie and create connection while testing your noggin. You could join a local trivia event or start your own. Try mixing up the teams so employees have the chance to get to know coworkers outside of their usual work circle.

2. Take a cooking class. 

Let a pro chef teach your team how to prepare a fancy entrée, dessert, or ethnic specialty. This is a hands-on activity that will help folks leave their work brains at the door and get lost in a culinary experience. Plus, they’ll walk away with some new kitchen skills.

3. Relax with a meditation session.

Meditation has been gaining a lot of traction in the professional world lately. Smart employers understand that workers need to be mentally healthy to thrive. Help them unwind with a guided group meditation and introduce them to this powerful mindfulness practice.

4. Get artsy with it.   

Arts and crafts (like painting, pottery, and scrapbooking) give your team a chance to flex their creative muscle – which, unfortunately, can get weakened in our adult lives. Staff will get a chance to show off their personal aesthetic and bond with coworkers over creative pursuits.

5. Volunteer at a local charity.  

Give back to your community while building some team spirit. Studies show that volunteering can improve social wellbeing, mental and physical health, and overall life satisfaction. It’s a major win for both your team and the people you’re serving.

6. Take a field trip to an escape room. 

Test your team’s skills under pressure with an escape room. They’ll have to work together to succeed – an important skill that will spill over into their workplace dynamic. Your staff will build chemistry while honing their problem-solving chops.

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