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How to Make a Good Interview Impression as a Charge Nurse

As a charge nurse, you’re responsible for overseeing all aspects of your department – including who gets hired. Screening nursing candidates is an important part of your job. Just as important, though, is making a good impression on applicants during interviews; they’re evaluating you and your facility just as closely as you’re evaluating them.

Here’s how to make sure interviewees are impressed by you and your department:

Stay on time.  

From start to finish, timeliness is essential. You should check for new applications throughout the day and contact candidates as soon as possible. If you dawdle during recruitment, you risk losing out on top talent. Likewise, make sure you’re on time for the interview itself. Being prompt throughout the entire process shows candidates you’re interested and serious about hiring them.

Tidy up. 

While scrubs might be your go-to workwear on normal days, you should stick with formal attire during interviews. Candidates will notice that you put in the extra effort. Your office – or wherever you’re conducting the interview – should be clean and organized, and interviewees should have a comfortable place to sit.

Know the candidate. 

This goes without saying, but don’t wait until right before the interview to review a candidate’s resume. You should have a solid understanding of their experience and credentials before they arrive. Also, avoid asking for information they’ve already provided. Instead, come prepared with a list of questions based off their resume. They’ll be flattered that you took the time to research them, and you’ll know sooner whether they’re the right fit.

Don’t try to multitask.  

The candidate should have your undivided attention while they’re with you, so don’t try to juggle other tasks during the interview. They’ll definitely notice if you’re sneaking glances at your phone or computer. Make sure they get a good impression by setting aside your other work and focusing all your attention on them.

Sell yourself and your team.  

Understand what your candidate is looking for in a career, and tailor your pitch to fit their preferences. For example, if they’ve expressed interest in a particular department, introduce them to the nurses they’d be working with and give them a guided tour of the wing. This personalized attention will make them want to be part of your team.

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