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Why You Should Leave Retirement to Work as a Nurse

leaving retirement

If you entered retirement after working as nurse, you probably had plenty of reasons – both personal and logistical – for leaving. Maybe you were ready to spend more time with your family, or travel, or just relax. Or maybe you hit retirement age and simply figured it was time. But retirement isn’t for everyone – and that’s especially true for nurses. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the average age of working U.S. nurses is 51 with about 50% over 50 – which means many nurses are working past retirement age.

Here are some reasons you may want to leave retirement to return to nursing:

You can work part time. 

Instead of jumping back into full-time work, consider picking up one or two shifts a week. Working part-time can help you strike the right balance between work and leisure. In other words, you’ll get the best of both worlds – you can work when you want and rest when you want.

You can try something different.

There’s no rule that says you need to return to the same type of nursing you did pre-retirement. If there’s a nursing specialty that’s always interested you, now’s a great chance to give it a try. Look into the certification requirements, attend a job fair, or reach out to old colleagues to see how you can pursue a new position.

You can boost your health. 

Research suggests that people with mentally stimulating jobs have lower rates of dementia. Working also keeps you socially connected, which is beneficial for your emotional health. Plus, since nursing is typically a physically active job, it can help you stay fit.

You can protect your finances. 

If you want to keep building your nest egg, returning to work may be a smart move. Having an income will help you delay tapping into your 401k or IRA, which gives those accounts more time to grow. Not to mention, the longer you wait to receive Social Security payments, the bigger your monthly check will be in the future.

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