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5 Topics to Cover During Employee Check-ins

Regular employee check-ins are key to an efficient, productive workplace. They help managers stay updated on staff performance, give employees the chance to advocate for themselves, and allow both parties to trade feedback. Employee check-ins can even boost inclusion efforts, since research shows that frequent meetings with managers help employees feel the greatest sense of belonging at work.

However, it’s not enough for managers and employees to meet for a casual chat. While the conversation should be easy and open, managers should still prepare for the meeting with a list of topics to discuss.

Here are 5 talking points managers should cover during employee check-ins:

1. Goals 

Discuss the status of the employee’s current goals and whether they need to be adjusted. Are there any obstacles you can help them overcome so they can more easily meet their goals? You should also acknowledge any goals they’ve accomplished since their last check-in. Wrap this topic up by confirming any new goals and establishing a timeline for achieving them.

2. Recent accomplishments

Maybe your employee has earned a new certification or completed a challenging training – or maybe they went above and beyond to help a patient. Make sure to congratulate them on any wins they’ve had since you last met.

3. Team updates

While major news is typically announced on a company-wide scale, check-ins are a good opportunity to let employees know about any changes that are coming to their immediate team. For example, if their department is being reorganized, you should walk your employee through how that will affect them – and do it well in advance.

4. Employee feedback

Remember, check-ins aren’t just about employee performance. Make sure to get their feedback on how management and the company as a whole is performing, too. Do they have any suggestions to help things run more smoothly? Do they need anything from you in order to do their job better?

5. Career development

What are your employee’s long-term career aspirations and how can you help them stay on track? Make it clear that you’re there to support them and just as invested in their professional development as they are. Discuss opportunities for advancement and set clear expectations for future promotions.

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