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5 Key Employee Engagement Questions

employee engagement

Employee engagement – defined as how involved and enthusiastic your staff feels about their work – is essential for creating a healthy, collaborative workplace. It’s also important for your company’s bottom line. Engaged employees are more satisfied, less likely to quit, and produce better business outcomes than unengaged employees.

So how can you gauge employee engagement? If you’re not conducting them already, quarterly surveys are a great place to start. These anonymous surveys give your employees a chance to rate their engagement by answering a series of targeted questions.

Here are 5 questions to include on your employee engagement surveys:

1. Do you feel like your work is appreciated?

Everyone wants assurance that they’re doing well at work. If your employees don’t feel appreciated, their work ethic and company loyalty may take a nosedive. Positive feedback keeps staff motivated and helps them feel like their work matters.

2. Do you have a positive relationship with your manager?

Managers can make or break employee satisfaction. According to Gallup, the manager-employee relationship accounts for 70% of the variance in employee engagement. Based on your staff’s answers to this question, it could be time to reconsider your management.

3. Do you feel connected to your team?

The social aspect of the workplace has a major impact on employee wellbeing. For staff to perform well and show up authentically, they need to feel comfortable and supported by their team. If you find that your staff’s dynamic could use a little boost, consider scheduling some team bonding activities.

4. Would you leave your job for a 10% raise?

If your employees are loyal enough that they’d stick around even if a better paying job pops up, that’s a good sign you’re on the right track. This means they feel fulfilled by more than just a paycheck and there are other positive elements of the job that matter to them.

5. Do you recommend this company to your friends?

Consistent employee referrals are a strong indicator that your staff is happy with the company. If your employees answer this question positively, keep doing what you’re doing. Happy workers are the arguably the most effective recruitment strategy.

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