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4 Nursing School Tips for Success

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Nursing school is one of the most intense academic programs there is. Students are expected to learn a ton of information quickly – and many are balancing school with other obligations, like work and family. But with the right nursing school tips and mindset, your classes can be just as rewarding as they are challenging. After all, learning is exciting, and you know you’re setting yourself up for a well-paying, fulfilling career later on.

Here are four nursing school tips to help you succeed:

1. Understand your learning style. 

There are three types of learning styles: audio learning, visual learning, and tactile learning. Audio learners enjoy reading aloud and active discussions. Visual learners prefer seeing information visually through charts, drawings, and other graphic displays. Tactile learners learn through gesture and touch, acting out concepts themselves. Ask yourself which learning style works for you and build it into your study habits.

 2. Study a little every day.

Nursing school is rigorous, and sometimes you might feel tempted to put off studying if you’re running short on time. Still, try to avoid cramming at all costs. It’s not an effective way to learn and can lead to unhealthy habits, like staying up late and over-caffeinating. Instead, aim to squeeze in a little study time every day. This is the most effective way to retain information long-term – and the least stressful for your mind and body.

3. Make friends in class. 

Making friends with classmates isn’t just a nice bonus – it’s crucial for your academic success. After all, when you miss a lecture or you’re struggling with a concept, who better to help than someone in the same class? Plus, you can get together for regular study groups to help keep everyone on track with the material. This is a great habit to get into since study groups have been shown to help students learn more effectively.

4. Use your calendar wisely. 

Penciling in every obligation – homework, a dentist appointment, or plans with your friends – is critical for a busy nursing school student. You’ll feel prepared and confident when you know what each day has in store. Calendaring also gives you a concrete way to see how much time you have to work, which can be helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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