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4 Benefits of Healthcare Employee Recognition

We can all agree that healthcare workers are heroes, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, their efforts often go unrecognized. And when workers feel ignored and undervalued, the effects are severe and far-reaching. Unhappy employees contribute to increased turnover and absenteeism, leading to low-quality care and more significant patient health risks. In other words, poor employee recognition is poisonous for the whole facility. On the other hand, workers who feel valued will help your facility thrive.

Check out these four benefits of healthcare employee recognition:

1. Less burnout

Burnout is too common in healthcare, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more prevalent. Facilities are starting to realize how crucial it is to implement strategies to prevent burnout, including employee recognition. Employees who feel valued are more confident, meaning they don’t overwork or avoid taking vacations to prove themselves.

2. Lower turnover

Turnover costs facilities more than just money. It also damages employee morale and increases the workload for the remaining staff. Creating a culture of engagement and recognition is vital for avoiding this pitfall. And the data speaks for itself. One example: a Harvard Business Review study found that valued employees are far more likely to remain at their job, with only 17% of highly engaged workers interested in leaving versus 43% of disengaged workers.

3. Improved staff and patient safety

Gallup recently found that employee engagement has a significant effect on rates of workplace accidents. According to their study, the engaged staff is more likely to adhere to proper safety protocols, which decreases the likelihood of accidents. Recognize your team for practicing smart safety habits and thank them for creating a safe environment for their patients and coworkers.

4. Fewer patient deaths

Another study from Gallup revealed a sobering statistic: nurse engagement is the number one predictor of patient mortality in hospitals. The study, which looked at over 200 hospitals throughout the country, analyzed factors known to contribute to patient mortality – and nurse engagement ranked quickly at the top. Although these results may seem shocking, the data couldn’t be more precise: healthcare employee recognition will save patient lives.

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