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4 Ways to Empower Employees in the Workplace

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Nobody likes to be micromanaged. Even in the healthcare field, where new hires rely heavily on their coworkers and supervisors when learning the ropes, employees still crave independence. They want approval from upper management to do their jobs effectively – without being scrutinized at every step. In other words, they want to feel empowered.

When you empower employees in the workplace, it’s suitable for the entire company. It increases staff engagement and confidence while saving managers time and mental energy. It also builds trust among teammates, boosts positivity and morale, and ultimately, helps everyone work more efficiently.

With these benefits in mind, here are four ways to empower employees in the workplace:

1. Create a healthy work environment. 

Employees thrive when they feel comfortable and included at work. That’s why building a healthy workplace environment is critical for employee empowerment. Please pay close attention to your company culture and look for ways to strengthen it. There are plenty of approaches to take here, so you might want to start by establishing company values – like honesty, trust, and inclusion – to guide your efforts. From there, you can look for ways to build these values into the workplace culture.

2. Listen to your staff. 

Employees feel most empowered when they have a voice in important decisions. It would be best to regularly ask staff for their company policy input. You can use surveys, anonymous suggestion boxes, and focus groups to gather feedback. Then, be open and honest about the results and put together a plan to address any problems identified.

3. Prioritize career advancement. 

To help them do their best work, your staff needs to know that you care about their career trajectory – that you’re just as invested in their future success as they are. A great way to show this is to offer regular free training to help them build their credentials. You should also provide ample opportunities for promotions so ambitious employees can strive for higher-level positions.

4. Promote empowerment throughout the company. 

Train your managers and supervisors on best practices for employee empowerment. Mid-level management typically has the most contact with employees, which gives them the best opportunity to help staff directly. Teaching management how to recognize signs of poor engagement can ensure you address pain points before it’s too late.

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