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4 Jobs You Can Get with a Health and Human Services Degree

Many people have trouble navigating their health and medical needs. They might struggle to find the proper care, understand their health plan benefits, or build healthy habits. And in an increasingly complex healthcare system, it’s more important than ever that all patients have access to the support they need to stay healthy.

If the prospect of helping these folks appeals to you, you might be a good fit for a Health and Human Services career. In a nutshell, Health and Human Services refer to programs that offer personalized health services to all people, but especially those from disadvantaged groups.

Still interested? Check out these four jobs you can get with a Health and Human Services degree:

Community Health Worker

Community health workers are public health professionals who work within a community to improve the health of its citizens. They act as a communication channel between the healthcare system and the community by educating and improving access to healthcare. They typically work in low-income areas where quality care is more complex.

Salary: In large cities, annual salaries range from $35,000 to $42,000. Senior workers can earn $42,000 to $52,000, supervisors earn $52,000 to $60,000, and managers earn salaries over $60,000.

Patient Care Coordinator

A patient care coordinator manages patient care to ensure their medical needs are met. Job responsibilities include coordinating treatment plans, educating patients on their health conditions, and connecting patients with the right doctors and specialists.

Salary: Yearly pay can range from $20,000 to $53,000.

Health Services Coordinator

Health services coordinators work as a link between providers, insurance companies, and patients to keep everyone on track. These professionals are highly involved in patient care. Job duties include tracking patient vitals, arranging tests and follow-up appointments, and working with emergency triage.

Salary: Average annual salary is $49,148, although some jobs pay upwards of $69,000 yearly.

Health Educator

A health educator teaches community members how to practice healthier habits. They may work with large groups or individual patients. Health educators usually start by researching the needs of a community, then work with others to develop programs that address those needs.

Salary: Yearly salary typically ranges from $60,338 to $77,617, although this varies considerably based on education, certifications, additional skills, and experience

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