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5 Healthcare Candidate Interview Questions

Finding the perfect candidate for a healthcare job is no easy task. If you’re flooded with applications or working on a tight deadline, you must maximize your limited interview time. Instead of repeating the same old questions, try switching things up with some new prompts.

Here are five healthcare candidate interview questions to help you find the right person:

1. Why did you decide to pursue a career in healthcare?

Understanding a candidate’s motivations behind choosing a healthcare job can reveal a lot about their workplace strengths. For example, someone more interested in the nuts and bolts of healthcare – e.g., medicine, data, etc. – might be a better fit for a lab job, while someone who loves connecting with patients will be a better fit for a people-facing position. Either way, this is a great starter question because it lets applicants warm up for the interview by speaking about their passions, which should be easy if they genuinely enjoy their work.

2. What do you love about your current or past job?

Even though they’re looking for a new job, your candidate should be able to list some positive aspects of their previous roles. Make sure to take note of the kind of tasks they enjoy, which can indicate whether they’re a fit for the job. If they can’t think of any positives, they might not have the upbeat attitude you’re looking for.

 3. Tell me about a time you performed a task outside your job description.

Flexibility is an essential skill for any workplace. If your candidate can expand on a time that they were challenged to perform outside of their typical role – and how this positively impacted them– they’re probably resilient and growth-oriented.

 4. Tell me what interests you about this role – and what concerns you.

You’re looking for someone passionate about the role but honest about where they lack experience. They should be confident about what they can bring to your team and transparent about where they’ll need more support. If they can strike this balance, it’s a good sign that they’re both ambitious and self-aware.

5. What questions do you have for me?

While this isn’t the most outside-the-box question, it can help you distinguish between the candidates who want a paycheck and those who wish to contribute to your company. If someone’s the right fit, they’ll have researched and come up with a few questions to ask you. They’ll be naturally curious about the work and eager to learn more.

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