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Four Reasons Why Nurses Should Get an MBA


Many nurses think pursuing another clinical job is the only way to further their education. For example, careers like nurse practitioners or nurse anesthetists are high-paying positions requiring extra education. However, clinical degrees aren’t the only option for nurses looking to upgrade their careers. If you’re interested in the business side of nursing, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree is another lucrative route to consider.

Read more about the benefits of an MBA if you’re a nurse:

1. Escape the burnout cycle

If your nursing job has you feeling mentally and physically exhausted, it might be time for a less demanding job. An MBA means getting off the nursing floor and into a more advanced, less stressful position.

2. Greater job opportunities

Although you might not always need an advanced degree to land a higher-level role, most hospitals require at least a master’s degree for administrative careers. Undoubtedly, having an MBA in addition to your nursing degree will significantly improve your chances of climbing the ladder.

 3. Make more money

Having an MBA can bump up your salary in a big way. While the median pay for registered nurses is $77,600 annually, nursing administrators with MBAs earn much more. How much more? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for medical and health services managers is $101,340 annually. Talk about a raise.

4. Improve conditions for other nurses and patients

As a nurse, you’ve probably noticed some administrative shortcomings that can be improved. If you sit at the table with the higher-ups, you’ll have a chance to improve things. That means improving both working conditions and patient experience. Since you’ve worked on the floor, you’ll know which pain points must be addressed.

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