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Four Tips to Hire and Retain Healthcare Workers

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Finding new hires is a significant concern for many healthcare facilities and good reason. Take nursing, for example: around 60,000 nurses have retired since 2012, creating a gap that’s been difficult for employers to fill. Many facilities also struggle to find new hires after staff shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, working in healthcare is challenging purely due to the nature of the work, which can lead to burnout and high turnover. Employers must take the proper steps to keep employees satisfied if they want to hire and retain healthcare workers.

If you run a healthcare facility, read on for four essential tips for hiring and retaining healthcare workers.

1. Interview with intention

When you’re looking to fill a job ASAP, hiring the first decent candidate that pops up can be tempting. But being more careful with your interview process helps ensure you’re hiring the right people the first time, which can save you significant time and money down the line.

2. Improve your onboarding process

Employees’ first few weeks on the job set the stage for the rest of their time with your company. Therefore, making this period as welcoming and educational as possible is essential. Giving your new hire this time to learn the ins and outs of their new job, rather than just throwing them into the mix, will make them far more likely to stick around.

3. Prioritize career advancement

Your staff needs to know that you care about their career trajectory – that you’re just as invested in their future success as they are. A great way to show this is to offer regular free training to help them build their credentials. You should also provide ample opportunities for promotions so ambitious employees can strive for higher-level positions.

4. Create a healthy workplace

Staff that feel uncomfortable and under-appreciated in their workplace aren’t likely to stay. Fostering a friendly, inclusive work environment is critical for keeping workers happy. Please pay close attention to your facility’s culture and always look for ways to improve it.

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