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The Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Agency in the Healthcare Industry

The job searching process can be intense. It can feel like all your applications are sent into the void like a lost sock in a dryer. If you’re feeling frustrated by submitting your resume for jobs and not hearing back or being rejected, it can also feel like things will never go your way.

But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way! You don’t have to feel like you’re doing this alone. 

There are many benefits of working with a staffing agency to help find a great new job in the healthcare industry. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s also a well-connected cheerleader who knows all the insider information to help you get where you need to go. 

Among the benefits of working with a staffing agency: 

They know who’s hiring before anyone else.

Staffing agencies build close relationships with their clients, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, assisted care facilities, schools, and other institutions. They learn what each client is looking for and earn their trust because those busy offices know it takes a lot of time and resources to find suitable candidates to fill open positions. If there’s an urgent need to fill a job, they’ll call their staffing agency partner, like AMEA Healthcare, to help bring someone in quickly. Whether it’s a full-time, part-time, temporary, or permanent position, healthcare-focused staffing agencies will have the earliest opportunity to pass along client names as potential matches for open jobs. 

The application process is streamlined.

When you work with a staffing company, they’ll help you strengthen your resume and understand which of your skills are most relevant for which jobs. If there’s a job you’re interested in, tell the agency, and they can put in a good word for you, talking up your experience, skills, and abilities to the hiring managers. They can ensure your resume is on top of the pile before anyone else’s. If you’re getting looked over by the hiring manager and they like what they see, that can mean a faster turnaround between application and interview! 

You’re not looking alone.

As you search for jobs, you’re likely looking at one post, company, or opportunity at a time. You might even limit yourself to one healthcare job based on your experience and background. But when you partner with a staffing agency like AMEA, you have a skilled partner who sees the whole industry at a glance. They can help you find jobs you might not otherwise consider because they can explain how your skills match the position’s requirements. They also might know about unlisted jobs because their clients work directly with recruiters to fill them. Plus, some agencies will help submit applications on your behalf because they have all your information, allowing you to apply to more positions at once. 

They can help get you paid.

Once you find a job you’re interested in, you might hesitate to apply if you don’t know the pay rate. With a staffing agency, the recruiter will know, at least, the salary range for all positions they’re working to fill, plus they can tell you whether that rate of pay is in line with what other organizations are offering. They can work on your behalf to make sure you’re getting exactly what you deserve, all without you having to negotiate. 

They’ll work with your life.

Maybe you’re looking to get into a full-time job. Great! Perhaps things are a little more hectic at home, and part-time would be better. Great! Or maybe you’re between jobs and don’t know what you want to do next. Great! No matter what kind of work you’re looking for, staffing agencies can help you find something that fits. Suppose you’re looking to add a few shifts here and there. In that case, staffing agencies can help you find temporary work to fill gaps in healthcare facilities to cover parental or long-term sick leave, even filling in on days when they’re unexpectedly understaffed. Whatever you need, they can find it! 

Teaming up with a staffing agency like AMEA Healthcare is like having your search party lined up behind you to help find you the best opportunity to help your career. You can find a job that fits your life faster, making better pay. What more could you want?

If you’re curious to learn more, it’s time to call AMEA Healthcare.

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