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Top Five Things a Healthcare Staffing Agency Should Provide to You

Trying to fill open positions on your healthcare team can be difficult. It’s time-consuming from start to finish, having to post the job, go through resumes, schedule interviews, schedule additional interviews, make the offer, start onboarding, and get the new person set up in their position. Finding the best candidates to interview can be a very trying project, and you have all your regular work to do simultaneously.

So why not get a little assistance from professionals who want only to help you find qualified candidates that will be an excellent fit for your team? 

This is where agencies that specialize in staffing for healthcare firms come in. For companies like AMEA Healthcare, we only work to find great candidates for open positions and pair them up. 

Here are five things a staffing agency can do for your company. 

More time in your day.

A gift that keeps on giving! By relying on a healthcare-oriented staffing agency, you’re putting into good hands the hours-long process of reviewing resumes to find good, quality candidates. A specialized staffing agency, like AMEA Healthcare, understands what separates a great candidate from an ok one and will know which skills are in the highest demand. Our recruiters will work with you to understand what your practice specializes in and can speak the same language of terminology, technology, and experience, allowing us to look for precisely the background you want in your candidates. And because we’re doing the heavy lifting, you can focus on your other tasks! 

A more streamlined process.

By working with a staffing agency that understands your needs, you’ll only see the candidates that best fit your expectations. You won’t have to guess whether the resumes brought to your attention can do the job you have open; every candidate will be highly qualified and ready to go. Instead of conducting three or more interview rounds, you might only need one! That also means you might require less training of a new hire, as they might come to you fully prepared to step into their new role on day one. 

Gain access to more highly qualified candidates.

When you post an open position, you’re relying on your existing network and access points: Your website, your social media presence, maybe LinkedIn, and possibly your employees. That’s a fine start! But if you bring in a staffing agency, you now have access to their network of candidates looking to land a new job in healthcare. You’re also gaining access to a team of recruiters who will search the internet, including social media and resumes on professional networking sites, to find people who might qualify for your job. They can reach out to qualified candidates, even those who aren’t looking to change careers right now and talk up the positions you have available. You’re adding a whole HR department to your company by teaming up with an agency! Plus, recruiters, like those who work for AMEA Healthcare, know all the best tips and techniques for spreading a client’s job posting far and wide, going beyond your sphere of influence, to reach potential candidates in job training and educational programs, to expand your talent pool even more. 

Access to temporary employees.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a busy stretch or looking to hire someone temporarily to cover an absence. It’s much harder to justify the time and resources needed to make that move. But if you partner with a staffing agency, they can go through their roster of candidates, find someone who meets the needs you’ve provided, and have someone in place much faster. Temp employees are a great option, and if things change down the road and you need to hire someone permanently, you’ve already conducted a lengthy interview with the candidate who was brought on and now knows how your office works! 

Outstanding customer service.

When you work with a staffing agency that understands your needs, the rigorous demands of a healthcare office, and the details that matter to you and your organization, you’re partnering up with an agency that will go to great lengths to ensure you’re getting what you need. They want to deliver on their promises, as their reputation is based on your experience and satisfaction. If you realize at 11 p.m. on a Sunday that a new staff member is needed within two days, recruiters like AMEA Healthcare can burn the midnight oil to find someone qualified and prepared to jump in to work. If you thought you needed one person but need four, we can help fill that gap quickly, efficiently, and with people ready to get to work immediately. If you’re unhappy with a worker, one call to us, and someone new comes in the next day. Whatever issues or needs arise, we are here, ready and eager to help. 

Are you ready to try something new? Do you want more time in your busy day to address the pressing tasks of running a healthcare office? It’s time to give AMEA Healthcare a call.

We’ll get to know you, your office, your specialties, and your needs and work quickly to find highly qualified candidates that would make a great fit, then send along the best resumes for your consideration. We can even conduct the first round of interviews for you before scheduling the top candidates to meet with you directly! Our top priority is finding candidates to keep your team strong and running smoothly. 

Ready to learn more, or maybe give us a try? Call AMEA Healthcare today! 

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